Welcome to FEEDS, Florida International University's distance education system for the College of Engineering and Computing. We offer courses and lecture videos online for you to access anywhere and anytime. FEEDS courses are delivered on-demand, via streaming video-based learning format, through the Blackboard Learning Management System. Cost Benefit Analysis

Why take courses at FIU FEEDS?

For the convenience and flexibility of accessing courses online, anytime and anywhere. To earn your degree from the comfort of your home or office, and not having to take time off of work or other life responsibilities. You receive the same instruction and learning material as face-to-face students. Go the distance with FIU FEEDS and apply or register today!

Courses & Programs in:

• Biomedical Engineering
• Civil And Environmental Engineering
• Electrical And Computer Engineering
• Engineering Management
• Mechanical And Materials Engineering
• Construction Management
• Computing and Information Sciences
• FE & PE Review for Engineers

FEEDS Benefits (for Students)

• All fully accredited courses
• Fully supported online learning management system
• Courses taught by the College’s renowned faculty
• Complete your degree faster and ahead of schedule
• Ability to review lectures multiple times for retention/comprehension of material
• Not having to drive to campus weekly (cost benefits)
• Not having to physically attend class weekly

FEEDS Services (for Faculty)

• Assist in course content management/instructional design
• Proctoring/coordination of exams
• Pre-recording of course lectures
• Classroom media support and equipment training
• Technical support of course delivery
• Returning of graded assignments and exams
• Faculty and and student support services
• Arranging of video conference sessions
• Blackboard and other educational technology training